WINNER - $1,000 to Turners Penrose Head Office - October 2019

Digital Advertising Turners Winner 10 19

How does it feel to be a winner?

It feels good to be a WINNER doesn’t it? I know I bought a ticket to the $38m Lotto and was ‘slightly’ disappointed I did not get a phone call asking me for my bank account number to put the money into!


We can’t all win Lotto, but we can still be winners when we partner with DBA (Digital Billboard Advertising).


The importance of advertising

It a well-known adage than you can’t sell the best kept secret. It does not matter how good the product or service is that you are involved in, it’s never going to sell if no-one knows about it. So, OK, advertising is important, but how can we effectively market what we do without spending the $38m Lotto winnings when we haven’t quite won it yet?


Online is important so it is a very good idea to spend a good chunk of your marketing budget there. Create yourself a nice website, make sure you have some good keywords in there (to improve your Google ranking) then set yourself a good AdWords campaign and the two should work together quite nicely. Do a bit of blogging and Social Media content and providing you clearly say what is unique what you do, and how you do it, you will be off to a good start.


But what do you do once someone leaves the comfort of their PC or mobile and are walking and driving out and about? Do you think you should sink a bit of coin into Radio or Television advertising? Is anyone still doing letterbox flyers these days?


DBA are the $1.00 digital billboard company – that’s right, advertise on even our largest premium digital billboards in these locations and see the difference it makes in your marketing. Now does that sound AFFORDABLE?


From paying only 10c/ad on our “Small Retail” sites (like to all the shoppers going through Remuera New World), to paying 50c/ad on our “Community” mid-sized billboards (like Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki),  we are experts at all forms of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising.


Winning $1,000 from just watching a short video!

You’ve probably had a good look through our website since you’re here now, but did you notice the Virtual Tour we have?


header virtualtour 

This is not a virtual tour of our website, it is a virtual tour through the journey of the advertising options you have to GROW your business. Depending on how fast you read, you’ll be through it in 3 – 4 minutes. But would you like to WIN $1,000.00 at the same time?


ALL entries (except DBA staff) go into the draw every month to win a $1,000.00 PB Tech technology voucher to buy anything you want! From drones, to PCs to software, PB Tech have it all. The good news is (for all you clever bunnies out there) is you can enter an unlimited number of times so get on to it, tell your friends, and have a look!


This month’s winner – Turners, Penrose Head Office

This month (October 2019) the very clever staff at Turners, Penrose, Auckland (Head Office) are the winners of this $1,000.00 voucher. What are you guys going to spend it on? I heard you have your eyes on one of the fancy new drones PB Tech have?


Anyway, well done on being smart enough to be doing market research into ways to effectively grow your marketing effectiveness by watching the DBA Virtual Tour.


Turners have been successfully helping kiwis buy & sell for over 50 years. A key part of their success is their dedication to striving every day to make it easy for their customers. This extends into their marketing as they constantly look for new ways to reach their customers and make it more convenient for them to buy and sell with Turners.


Turners are a brand you can trust with branches nationwide – please see their website here: