Digital Advertising |  Reaching Customers No Matter Where They Are! 

Do you want more sales?

Reach customers you would otherwise miss out on! 

Once a person leaves the internet (AdWords, Social Media, Facebook) no-one can talk to them as they are driving or walking around.

We have a special digital solution that allows you to click your mouse and communicate with these prospective customers no matter where they are.

As well as our outdoor and portable solutions, we allow you to up-sell to them while they are in your store using our clever indoor video walls and advertising to influence them in a very subtle way to the benefits of what you offer.


DIGITAL ADVERTISING is a full service Media Company with vibrant HD indoor/outdoor SIGNAGE SYSTEMS


From 32" and 55" indoor screens at your cash register, to large video walls (with music) indoors, right through to billboards scattered all through the community, we can get your advertising message out and BRING YOU MORE CUSTOMERS.


Advertise above your local dairy from 10c/ad.


Advertise in your local community from 50c/Ad.


Advertise RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN for only $1.00!


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Digital billboard advertising is by far the most cost-effective solution for your Marketing Budget spend when it comes to conversion and ROI (Return on Investment).


Humans are primarily visual learners which means we respond really well to what we see. Call Us for a copy of the international statistics that show more than half of people recall an advertisement they were shown over 2 weeks ago!


Digital advertising really works - people respond really well to good quality messages put right right in front of them. Research also indicates digital advertising is highly effective in influencing spending decisions.