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Who are Digital Advertising?


Us as people

DIGITAL ADVERTISING are a Team of passionate "promoters". We love "getting the message out there" and embracing new technology as it comes along.

We LOVE saving you money, and reducing our impact on the environment by stopping the amount of plastic that is printed to be used in traditional billboard, then put to the landfill as waste.

Nothing excites us more than to work out who your target market is, what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is, then showing you how you can reach 100 times more people, with 100 times less money!


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very interesting thing and because we find it so interesting we never stop looking into it. What is Digital? We think digital is when you click your mouse and your advertisement pops up somewhere else in the world (or town), reaching out to your prospective customer, without having to cut down 100 trees or run around handing out 100 flyers.

It would be fair to say we all know what a website it, and what it does - it is a place you put up something that tells all the prospective customers looking around who you are and what you do. It says what is good about you and give them 100 reasons why they should do business with you.

It would also be fair to say most people know what Google AdWords (now "Google Ads") are too? This is advertising you pay for, to get your ad to pop up at the top of a Google Search, so that you can place your business ahead of others searching for the products or services that you offer.

OK - so far, so good - and Social Media? FaceBook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Yes, they're all places where you can pay to put your ad up and offer your wares to all those customers that don't know about you yet (but should!).

NOW we're making progress - it would be fair to say most of us know about digital online marketing, and we might already be doing it. But what if we told you, that you could go 'digital' but out in the public?! Would you think we were talking about the Matrix Movie or something from out of space?!


Saving money but making huge progress

NO - Digital Advertising is a company expert at only charging you 10c per click (sound familiar?) to put your ads right out in the public, where people walk and drive around.

That's right! We have an "Out of Home" hardware marketing platform that means you can sit in your office, and dream up your magic Advertising Campaign, then click your mouse (and your credit card) and have it appear (through our Network) all around the country - exactly where your prospective customers are simply getting on with their lives, oblivious that you are there to really help them!

It's good you all understand digital marketing. The latest extension is now 'Out of Home Digital' where we put up the screens all around the place and now you can reach people (through the internet) then though they're out in the public walking and driving around. Sure we have a hologram marketing solution (but it's not quite here yet), and it is possible the Matrix Movie is not completely real, but this is!

Still only spend a small amount of money (from 10c/click) but now extend your digital marketing out into the public with DIGITAL ADVERTISING.


Make money now!

Reach customers you otherwise couldn't (as they're not on their phone, or connected to the internet). CALL US now on how from as little as 10c we can help you with that!


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