WINNER - $1,000 to Salvation Army, Johnsonville – January 2020

Johnsonville Salvation Army WINNER

This month’s winner – Salvation Army, Johnsonville (Wellington)

This month (December 2019) the very clever staff and volunteers at Salvation Army, Johnsonville are the winners of the $1,000.00 PB Tech voucher. What are you guys going to spend it on?


Anyway, well done on being smart enough to be doing market research into ways to effectively grow your marketing effectiveness by watching the DBA Virtual Tour.


The Salvation Army

As their website says the Salvation Army start to give you an insight as to who they are when they say, “Hi and welcome to The Salvation Army Johnsonville. We're a friendly place with a bunch of people who want to 'Help people find Jesus, follow Him and make a difference in our world'.”


The Salvation Army are a well known faith based organisation but they ‘walk the talk’ and extend into the community much more than just inviting you in for teaching and fellowship.


The Family Store

Salvation Army Family Stores are a great way to recycle clothing, furniture, household goods, toys and books. The goods they sell make a huge difference to people’s lives and provide much-needed relief in tight household budgets. Profits from goods and clothing sold through the Family Stores support all Salvation Army community work.


The Staff at the Johnsonville Store

Karen is one of the happy staff working at the Johnsonville store. She was the one poking around the internet doing research on the best way to market the very good work the Team do there and came across our $1 digital billboard offering (and the Virtual Tour opportunity to win). Luckily she took the time to win and who would know she would win?! She was super surprised to receive the call she was a WINNER and she has since emailed how excited and grateful they are to win (during such a difficult time with COVID-19 starting to pop up around the world).


You could be a winner

Would you like to be this month’s winner? Simply click on the link below, take our short Virtual Tour, and you too can go into the draw! There is no limit to the number of times you can enter so if you would enjoy the Tour a second time – knock your socks off!