What can I say to them?

If you were out at a function and someone said, "What do you do", what would you say? 

What about if someone said, "What is the difference between you and your competitors".

The answer to questions like this are a VERY good place to start.

Digital Out of Home advertising is no different to any other marketing you're doing. Everywhere you market, you will be saying what you've got, what's good about it, and how someone can buy it. The only difference with Out of Home is people are usually more open to the message and therefore receptive to it. They 'chose' to look at the screen.

If you were advertising in a magazine you might support this with an Editorial piece, lots of extra words giving depth and substance to the message you're conveying in your advertisement. If you were advertising online you might show a pretty picture, and perhaps provide a clickable link to drive people to your website .What would be the best way to describe the Out of Home market?

Out of Home is the advertising you do to people as they walk and drive around, out in the public, just getting on with their daily lives. Quite often people are busy, they might be on a mission, and quite often they are focused on where they are going or whatever is on their mind. The one thing you're probably getting out of all of this is that if you're wanting to talk to them you're going to need to make it 'short and sweet'. 

DOOH (Digital Out of Home) marketing is most effective when it is "to the point". While you can say anything you want to them, if it is long and boring, they're going to fall asleep before they get to the punch line. If you only had ONE chance to say something, what would it be? THAT'S what you want to be putting on your digital billboard to really gain some traction. Practise saying short and closed statements of fact that really clearly convey a message!


We have the best shoes in town

You will be very happy with our shoes

We have shoes for every type of foot.


When you are doing any form of advertising you are going to have to first decide your strategy, or USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Are you going to promote yourself on price (that you're the cheapest), on service (that you will look after them the best), your past reputation (you have been in business a long time), or products (you've got the best range or are the only supplier of a particular item). Either way, once you know WHAT you're going to focus on saying, THEN you can focus on how you can convey that point in the most direct way. DOOH is a fantastic way to reach open people as they get about their daily lives. You can say anything you want to them, but the absolute best value for money spend you can do in DOOH marketing is to give them a short, sweet and direct message on why they should do business with you, and you can watch the phone ring off the hook!

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