What is the difference between Digital and Print?

'Digital' is a very 'fluid' medium - where on a printed poster you only had one change to get everything across in the one hit, in Digital you get to say your message across several slides.


For example:


All at once: name, address, date, venue, activity, price




Are you looking for a new car?

We have excellent quality ones

Come and see us NOW


Some of the other differences include the cost of supply for each medium. Since Print is a physical medium there are large costs associated with supply. As well as inks and trees cut down for paper, Print requires staff and premises, using up electricity and time, all to be able to deliver a product ready for viewing, but even this is not out where it needs to be yet. Further costs are involved in transporting Print to where it needs to be displayed, and getting it put up. In the case of a static billboard this means the printing of a 6m large canvas skin (so it won't perish in the weather) and several people on EWP (Elevated Work Platforms) actually putting it up. NO WONDER it is expensive!

One of the reasons online and digital marketing as become so popular is that usually there are none of these associated costs. The Lion King movie came out without any actors in it (very modern CGI animation) and website and digital advertising goes up with just the click of a mouse. No wonder the ROI (Return on Investment) is so high as for a very low cost advertisers can now display their advertisement in front of so many people without ruining our environment at the same time.

While it may be true there is a return to reading good old fashioned books, (the poor old Kindle never really kept it up), the majority of people prefer to receive their information visually (and preferably with images and not text). See Why They Work for clear evidence on this. Even aside from the costs of printing a newspaper, so many people prefer to sit in front of a television box and just have the news read to them, and the same goes for clicking through the internet to find useful information.

Digital Advertising take this desire for easily delivered visual information one step further by putting the TV screens that people prefer to just sit and watch right out there in the public where everyone lives each day, so they can just turn their head and receive the message without any effort whatsoever. CALL US now to have one of our friendly Team to help you tailor something really special.


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