What will it cost me?

One of the good things about digital advertising is you only pay for what you need. In the old days because the big canvas prints were so difficult to put up outdoors, advertisers had to pay for a week or even an entire month just to justify the effort of putting that advertising skin up. With the development of modern digital technology the message on a billboard can now be changed just by the 'click of a mouse' so there is no longer the need to recover all the costs that would have been associated if you had to send a couple of people out with access equipment to put up a static billboard somewhere high on a building.


"Ads" are usually sold in 8 second "slots". You can pay for as many or as few as you need. If you only want one 8 second slot (ie person kneeling down asking another, "Will you marry me" right at the time they know they will be in front of one of our fantastic billboards), then only pay for that one slot! If you want to constantly reinforce your brand or product/service then make sure you are on every hour, of every day, every week of the year. As much or as little as you want!

Digital is a very 'fluid' medium so you can slowly feed out your message to get the best impact. This means instead of trying to cram everything into one slide, break it down into smaller bite sized pieces, and just feed out a little at a time. When you do digital advertising this way it might look like:

Slide 1: Are you looking for a new car?

Slide 2: We have very nice new cars

Slide 3: Call us now

Digital Advertising has 2 Products we sell that each fill a different need. Probably to get the absolute best value out of your marketing budget the best idea is to use a combination of the both, as they both are designed to fill a different need.


Set & Forget 

This one is a very cheap way of spreading your message far and wide. For only $1/ad you can be on an extremely large (often double-sided) digital billboard anywhere in the country. To get this special low price you need to order your advertising on any repeating frequency you can dream up. Examples are: 1/day, 1/hour, or 4/hour etc. Because it is intended to be a constant reminder to your prospective clients as they go past the billboard each day, Set & Forget orders are subject to an initial 12 month term. After this you can cancel your order any time you want on 30 days notice.

Examples of Set & Forget pricing are:

1/day = $30.50 + GST/month

1/hour = $126.00 + GST/week

4/hour = $504.00 +GST/week

1 ad in every 8 (rotation) = $7,056.00 + GST/week



This one is a very strong boost to your marketing. It costs a little more (at $5/ad) but it really does attract attention. Campaign can be used either on its own, or as a 'top-up' to your Set & Forget advertising.

On its own you could be a television news programme and only buy the 2 or 3 slots immediately before the 6:00pm news hour, Mon-Fri and tell people, "Hurry up, you're just about to miss out on the best news programme" (or "Stream it live on our website now"). If you only purchased these 2 slots each day, your DOOH (Direct Out of Home) marketing would only cost you $10.00 + GST/day (can you afford that?!).

If you were already wise enough to have a couple of Set & Forget running, but (say) you had a February sale, or some surplus stock, you could boost this regular advertising by a little bit extra (say leading in Xmas or near a Public Holiday) and really drive those extra sales from disposable income your way.

Being a TOTALLY customisable product you can set any time, any day, any amount, and the entire start/stop times.

Examples of Campaign pricing options include:

1 ad in every 8 (rotation) = $280.00 + GST/hour

1 ad in every 6 (rotation) = $375.00 + GST/hour

EVERY SINGLE AD in a WHOLE HOUR (ie it is ALL ABOUT YOU) = $2,250.00 + GST/hour

(ie nobody else will appear on these billboards while you are on there)


Get better results than Google Adwords from the immediate conversion benefits of directing your prospective customer into your business as they walk or drive by. 

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