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17 Whitmore Street, Wellington

1 @ 3.2m(w) x 6m(h)


Prime CBD space with a large elevated digital billboard facing right into the Beehive! Clearly visible to our MPs (what do you want to say to them?) and all traffic coming down Bowen and off Lambton Quay



An advertising slot is 8 seconds long. You can have as many or as few as you want. You can specify exactly when your ads play. Minimum spend is $5.00. There is no Setup Fee. Campaign advertising is most commonly used to promote a Sale or Product Launch. You can even book out the ENTIRE day (subject to availability)!


Pricing (examples only):

1 ad immediately prior to the 6:00pm news slot = $5.00 + GST/ea
Every ad in 1 hour (ie the full hour is ONLY you) = $2,250.00 + GST/hour
Every 8th ad (rotate) per hour = $280.00 + GST/hour (56/hour)
Every 6th ad (rotate) per hour = $375.00 + GST/hour (75/hour)

Set & Forget

80% cheaper and best suited to “little and often” ongoing marketing. Ads are $1.00 each and are charged for between 5am and 11pm and are provided free on a pro-rata basis during the night time. You can have as many or as few ad slots as you wish (1 per day, 1 per hour, 10 per hour) but whatever you select will be subject to a 1 month rolling agreement. You can buy several slots together (ie 3 in a row) to:

i) highlight the client need;

ii) show you can fill that need, and

iii) provide a “call to action”.


Pricing (examples only):
1 ad every hour every day = $126.00 + GST/week
1 ad every quarter hour every day = $504.00 + GST/week
ad in every 8 (rotation) = $7,056.00 + GST/week

Bulk Buy

Do you want to be the only advertiser in your category on this channel (exclusive)?

Do you want your ad to come on every 8th ad (rotation), all year long?

Fancy changing your graphic anytime you want, or running multiple different patterns in your time slot?

How about the right to repeat this next year and block your competitors out?

Would you be interested in a 66% discount?

Talk to one of our Team on our Bulk Buy options.



DTVs: tba
(Average Daily Traffic Visuals)

Graphic Specs: 480x864 pixels (PNG or JPG)

Screen Specs: 6.67mm hi-brite SMD LED (beats sun strike)

Ad Creation

Digital marketing is a high speed medium so your ads needs to be clear and punchy! We are experts at this. Have confidence that while our ads may appear simple, they will still be effective and grow your sales.

Provide your own artwork for free (we do not charge for scheduling) or we can create a fantastic design for you at:

$30.00 + GST/ad (with no revisions)

$45.00 + GST/ad (with one revision)

$60.00 + GST/ad (with 3 revisions)

$100.00 + GST/ad (with unlimited revisions)

Play Reports

Proof of Play Audit Report (PPAR) available on request.

Campaign Price $5
No Contract

Set & Forget Price $1




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